Eunice Martinez Biography


I am your Pupil Services and Attendance counselor. I not only focus on assisting you in coming to school and getting there on time but I also help you in breaking barriers that may not allow you to come to school.  A few things I help students with are socio-emotional counseling, linkages to community resources, as well as school district resources, provide incentives for attendance, look over grades, credits, assist in building a positive school wide culture, etc.

I obtained a Masters in Counseling with an emphasis in Marriage, Family & Child Therapy (MFT) at Cal-State University Los Angeles. This Masters allows me to work as a school counselor and my MFT credential allows me to provide socio-emotional counseling within school and community settings. I also obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Law in Society from Cal-State University Los Angeles. I decided to attend college near home because I wanted to stay close to my family. I am the youngest of five. My family is from Zacatecas Mexico.  I am very familiar with the community surrounding Diego Rivera Learning Complex; I lived here most of my life.  I know and understand the barriers that surround this community and how difficult it is to live in a tough neighborhood. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would come back to my old neighborhood and work here. I am more than grateful I was placed at DRLC because it has allowed me make connections, understand, assist, educate, and empower students to break barriers and fulfil their academic goals. Do not hesitate to come talk to me, as I am here to help you, hear your story, and assist you to achieve academic success.  You can email me at  or call me at (323) 846-2022.